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The Universal Pump peristaltic pump is unique. Integral to the pump are a PCB and two 2 metre (6.5ft) sensors, which sense 5°C differential across the evaporating coil to operate the pump. This is a great advantage on systems where anything other than a 240v cooling signal is used.

Simply connect the pump to the condensate tray (using the vinyl tube supplied). The Universal pump can be mounted remotely as it is self-priming to a height of 3 metres (9.8ft) and will pump 6.25 litres (1.65 US gallons) of water per hour against a maximum head of 12 metres (40ft).

The Aspen Universal is designed to run constantly while the air conditioning system is cooling. By placing the red sensor in the ambient ?air on’ side of the coil and the blue sensor to the ?air off’ the PCB will sense 5°C differential and operate the pump. When the cooling switches off, a 3 minute timer in the pump ensures that the drain tray is emptied before the pump switches off.

The pump is a peristaltic rotary type ? which means that it is quiet in operation, very reliable and will run dry without fear of damage or any embarrassing noise. It is not sensitive to water borne contaminants as reciprocating pumps are, and there is no mechanical water sensor to fail!

It is also designed to fit in ceiling voids and lift the condensate water from wall mounted machines where a gravity drain is too obtrusive. It can be used on cassettes fitted with an internal lift pump. The rollers act as check valves to stop condensate draining back into the drip tray.

The universal pump now has a new push in plug which makes installation and maintenance easier.