600 Million and counting

10th April 2017

Sensorist system monitoring pharmacy

The more we hear about the Sensorist monitoring system the more impressed we become.

We've recently been talking to some of the large UK pharmaceutical chains about Sensorist and how easy it is to install. It makes sense that as a Danish company they'd be strong in their home market, nevertheless, it's impressive to hear that Sensorist systems are now installed in nearly 25% of all Danish pharmacies.

That’s a lot of pharmacies that are no longer having to take their daily temperature readings. It also means that if they do have a problem with their temperature controlled storage they’re notified before the medicines are outside of their proper storage range. Weekend or evening it doesn’t matter Sensorist will send an email or a message to your smartphone.

But it’s not only in Denmark Sensorist are strong, they’re now sold in 45 countries and to date they have made more than 600 million measurements around the world.

Sensorist displays

If you’d like more information about Sensorist for pharmaceutical applications, or anywhere that temperature or humidity monitoring are important please give us a call: 01823 665 660 there's also more information on our Wine Cellar website.

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