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Bulletin - Institute of Refrigeration (June)
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This magazine includes news, updates and reviews of events you may
have missed. IOR members can download free copies of the SES
and ACHPI practical bulletins included in the e-magazine version (and a
further 100+ items)  from the IOR website.

The Institute of Refrigeration plan to produce this quarterly in future and
welcome your feedback.

Code of Practice - Humidifiers
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Code of Practice - Commissioning and Planned Maintenance of Humidifiers. A publication prouduced by the HEVAC Associations Humidity Group.

Code of Practice for Refrigerant Leak Tightness in Compliance with the F-Gas Regulation
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British Refrigeration Association (Version 1 - December 2007).

Copeland Scroll Compressors
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Scroll Compressors for Air Conditioning - Application Guidelines - ZR 18 K4*... ZR 81 KC*.

Countdown to the F Gas Regulations!
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What needs to be done and when?

Evaporative Cooling an alternative and supplement to Mechanical Cooling
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The HEVAC Humidity Group has just published a guide on Evaporative Cooling. It not only defines what it is but makes a comparison between both evaporative and mechanical cooling. It covers the different applications where it can be used and includes a glossary of terms providing a useful insight into evaporative cooling.  

EVIA FAQ on ISO 16890 Filter Classes
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Filters are essential elements in ventilation system to ensure good Indoor Air Quality and hygiene operation. With the new ISO 16890 (2016-12) the filter test and qualification procedure has been changed to a more realistic classification based on ePM 1, ePM2,5, and ePM10 values. This allows a detailed filter selection based on outdoor particular matter.

F Gas - The Law has changed - Act Now!
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Company certification is a mandatory requirement - please read the attached.

F-Gas Support
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Promoting Compliance with F-Gas and Ozone Regulations.

FETA Magazine
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FETA Magazine - Issue 12 December 2008.

Master Class in Humidification - Why Humidify
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HEVAC Humidity Group (July 2004).

REFCOM confirmed as F-Gas Certification Body
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REFCOM receives Defra confirmation June 09.

Revised F-gas Regulation Briefing Note
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HARP International have produced the attached briefing note which updates the revised F-Gas Regulations. The final agreed text was approved on 18th December by the European Member States ambassadors. It will then be published and sent to the Parliament and Council for final approval. This will require a vote in the Parliament Environment Committee and then the Parliament plenary which will probably be in February or March 2014 and it will, afterwards, require approval by the European Council. It is not expected to be held up or modified in any way during this ratification process.

Sick Building Syndrome
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Sick Building Syndrome and the importance of maintaining IAQ equipment properly.

The Case for Humidity
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HEVAC Humidity Group.