J & E Hall Cellar Coolers Installed at Kent County Cricket Club

17th January 2012

 At a cricket ground, the demands on cellar coolers differ from those in more traditional pubs and clubs. Mr de Pledge explained: "At Twenty 20 and Festival Week matches, beer sales rocket. Everyone wants a drink at around the same time and this tests the system. The bars have to be able to cope with this, so I went for the 4.5kW system. We needed extra capacity on the cooling side to ensure that the beer is kept chilled and in first class condition. We looked at other systems and realised we got more cooling for our money from the JCC cellar coolers over their rivals. That little bit extra capacity gave me peace of mind."

At the St Lawrence Ground spectators are seated close to the outdoor units. "Noise can be a factor," said Mr de Pledge. "We wanted a quiet system and that’s exactly what we got with the JCC Cellar Coolers." The digital electronic controls also impressed him as "they are accurate and simple to use – a big plus point with busy bar staff."

The JCC range of cellar coolers operate down to 4°C, also making them suitable for extending the life of perishable goods like fruit, flowers and vegetables and other items requiring temperature-controlled environments. The coolers are made of galvanized steel casing with polyester powder coating and run on ozone benign R410A.




The range offers cooling capacities from 2.5 to 6.13kW.

Cricket fans enjoying a chilled pint thanks to two JCC Cellar Cooling systems.

Picture courtesy of Kent Cricket and sarahcanterbury.com