J & E Hall condensing units help protect endangered frogs

22nd August 2011

J & E Hall condensing units are playing a key role in protecting two rare species of frogs at Bristol Zoo.

A special breeding sanctuary – the AmphiPod – has been built at the zoo to house the critically endangered lemur leaf and

golden mantella frogs. Temperatures in the AmphiPod must be similar to the tropics to provide perfect breeding conditions.

Somerset-based Heronhill Air Conditioning was given the task of providing cooling for the job. Heronhill supplied two

specially adapted cassettes matched with J & E Hall Fusion condensing units running on R404A. Special control panels

allow the temperature range to vary from as low as 6°C in the evening to 30°C in the daytime – depending on the breed of

frog being housed in the AmphiPod. The systems were installed by Space Engineering of Bristol.

Heronhill managing director Nigel Manning said: “This is a very prestigious and worthwhile project. The zoo is a charity and

protecting endangered species is important. J & E Hall were delighted to help us out. With the compact size of the

AmphiPod and the fact that visitors to the zoo need to be able to see the frogs, we needed something that would be

discrete and not too noisy, big or bulky. So this was very much a hybrid job – a mix and match – something we

specialise in all the time. The J & E Hall units are superb and have all the available options you would need on such a critical

application. The after-sales support is excellent too. We are very pleased". 


The lemur leaf frog is found only in a few places in Costa Rica and Panama, while the golden mantella hails from Madagascar.

Bristol Zoo's Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians, Tim Skelton, said: “The AmphiPod is a vital tool in helping to

save high-risk frog species from the danger of extinction – currently a very real and near threat.”

Fusion units are sold complete with all components fitted during manufacture – such as receiver, sight glass and filter

drier, saving the installer time and the customer money. They retain the high standard of workmanship you would expect

from J & E Hall and also provide the benefits of the latest technology.

Features include:

  • the Maneurop MTZ compressor from Danfoss
  • service valves situated on the outside of the unit
  • increased anti-corrosion protection
  • improved electrical layout
  • increased noise insulation to the compressor and the inside of the unit.

The units are available for medium and low temperature applications using R404A refrigerant. 

Medium temperature units can also run on R134A and R407C.