Marstair versatility provides to the Cheeseboard's refrigeration problem

11th April 2011

imageEquipment manufactured by Marstair, and awareness of its mix and match capabilities by distributor Heronhill, enabled contractor Dales Air of Ripon to solve a Harrogate delicatessen's refrigeration problem with an air conditioning solution.

The Cheeseboard is a speciality cheese shop in the centre of the Yorkshire spa town. Because cheese is kept in the sales area of the shop itself it is important to keep the room chilled to a temperature that maintains the produce in optimum condition without making the shop environment uncomfortable for customers.

An old, modestly-sized wall-mounted cellar cooler was attempting to do this, but the heat load in the shop was greater than the system could continue to manage effectively, and proprietor Gemma Aykroyd wanted to improve upon the efficiency, noise level and aesthetics of the existing equipment.

John Worth of Dales Air and Nigel Manning of Heronhill considered various options, including replacing the existing unit with a new Marstair CX plastic-bodied split system cellar cooler. However, Manning suggested a radically different approach that capitalised on the flexibility and versatility of the Marstair range.

A wall-mounted Marstair Impact 60 indoor unit designed for air conditioning offices rather than cellar cooling was installed, fitted with a low temperature thermostat and matched to a CKR cellar cooling condensing unit. The idea was that that this mix would provide high sensible cooling while maintaining the humidity level an ideal combination for a food shop, where it is important not to dry out the speciality cheeses.

This provided excellent cooling with ample capacity to deal with the shop's heat load quietly and efficiently. The Impact's top front discharge, as opposed to bottom discharge, distributes the cool air across the ceiling before letting it fall downwards to create a more comfortable environment for customers.

"Since the new equipment has been installed, we haven't looked back, and I'm very pleased with the system", said Gemma Aykroyd.

She asked for a digital temperature display to be fitted to the indoor unit to help her keep, at a glance, the rigorous records demanded by environmental health regulations. Dales Air was able to source an appropriate two-digit LED display from Heronhill, whose service and technical input throughout the project was, said John Worth, "second to none". 

Worth was also impressed by the way different Marstair units were able to be used in an unconventional way to achieve the desired result: "The equipment is very flexible and really does allow you to mix and match to do what you want to do. We expect to be using more Marstair equipment in the future".

The project proved an unusual and interesting challenge, underlining the versatility of the Marstair range in an aesthetically pleasing, hygienic and efficient manner.