Girl Guides' Require Close Control

11th April 2011

imageTwo archive rooms at the headquarters of Girlguiding UK, housing historical documents, uniforms and artefacts relating to nearly 100 years of the Girl Guide movement, have been air conditioned with equipment manufactured by Marstair Ltd.

Two Marstair CD3008 close control units, each connected to MCU+ 80 condensing units, were supplied by Heronhill Air Conditioning and installed at the Girlguiding UK HQ in Buckingham Palace Road by Earthcare Products Ltd of nearby Queen Anne's Gate in London SW1.

The Marstair CD3 Series provides air conditioning for applications where the close control of temperature and humidity is extremely important, and is designed to give the specifier maximum flexibility, the engineer easy access for installation and maintenance and the end user ease of operation.

For the archive rooms the requirement was to provide optimum conditions for the storage of the many valuable Guiding artefacts, including books, paper, films, fabrics and china. The previously installed air conditioning equipment was failing to achieve this.

Nicholas Cox of Earthcare Products explained that the design conditions applied are 18°C db room temperature plus or minus 1°C, and 55 per cent RH plus or minus five per cent, assuming a maximum ambient temperature in the summer of 30°C.

"Marstair CD3 equipment was chosen to achieve this because we felt it was the best value unit able to meet the required specification, and because we were given technical assistance by Heronhill",  said Mr Cox.

In line with the government's position on HFCs, which it says are not sustainable in the long-term and should only be used where other safe, technically feasible, cost-effective and more environmentally acceptable alternatives do not exist, the units were re-engineered by Earthcare for use with hydrocarbon refrigerants.

"This is easy to do with Marstair, and we now have ten years experience using Marstair units with hydrocarbon refrigerant, with the original units installed for British Airways at Heathrow still performing satisfactorily", said Mr Cox.

The installation at Girlguiding UK is working effectively, providing the specified temperature and humidity ranges that the archive rooms require. Margaret Courtney, Girlguiding UK s Archivist, confirmed: "The new system is very effective. We don't hear a thing and in fact, hardly notice the system because it is doing its job so efficiently in contrast to the previous equipment which was forever causing problems".