Case Studies


Bespoke Solutions

At Heronhill, we pride ourselves in giving the customer what they want rather than insisting that they buy what we have in stock!  Customers are paying our wages, after all, so it's not surprising that over the years, we have got increasingly involved in modifying equipment to suit their specific requirements - especially when what they want is not available elsewhere.


Low Temperature Air Conditioning

A growing trend in the marketplace is for low temperature air conditioning and we specialise in providing bespoke solutions which address the grey area between refrigeration and air conditioning - between 6 & 16°C.

Private wine cellars and controlled environments within zoological laboratories form just part of our growing portfolio for this service.  We modify Marstair cassettes enabling control to a minimum of 6°C and can utilise wall mounted and ducted systems for low temperature applications where the discerning client is looking for an air conditioning solution to a refrigeration problem. Either Marstair or J & E Hall refrigeration condensing units complete the system although water cooled condensing units are also an option.



Temperature and humidity controls and a variety of alarms are often required to suit a customer's specific requirements and this has become a growing part of our business. We can provide everything from a discreet wall mounted controller with a digital display to a 'bells and whistles' control panel.  Custom made panels can include multi stage temperature and humidity control with lead-lag facility and a BMS interface for control, enable and/or alarm.

Case Studies

We will shortly be updating this section, which will include many more interesting applications, especially those of a bespoke nature where low temperature air conditioning and specialist controls have been used - watch this space!